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Reading the Penguin Proust in English, like a glutton

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And it was the third time was when Gilberte said: “If you like, we could go out on afternoon to walk toward Guermantes, but we could walk past Méséglise, it’s the prettiest route,” a sentence which overturned all the ideas of my childhood by revealing that the two ways were not as irreconcilable as I thought.

Marcel Proust, The Fugitive, translated by Peter Collier, p. 654.

Having “all the ideas of one’s childhood” overturned is kind of a big deal. But Marcel is pretty chill about the whole affair. I two major ideas of my childhood overturned last Christmas when I went home, and a) I was pretty excited but b) these ideas were so ridiculous that it is usually hard for people to empathize with more than a “duh.” Like, duh, Marcel did you ever look at a map? 

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